Sliding Doors


Sliding doors are practical, secure and rather easy to use. What is great about this type of doors is that they are not just look smart, but also provide protection for your home. Thanks to low maintenance and high level of durability, these doors can provide any home with functionality and practicality for years to come.

Sliding doors also have an exclusive modern design: they are mounted on a track to allow for strength, reliability and a very smooth rolling action for even easier operation. Featuring non-corrosive roller system, these aluminum doors is guaranteed to slide smoothly every time you see them.

If you wish to have a system that is flexible and at the same time versatile, consider the sliding door solution.Made from solid aluminum frame the doors can handle any residential application. Another benefit is that there are integrated security and Fly door options.

For those clients interested in a double protection, we’ve prepared an additional Lockwood onyx lock, which features extra safety and security and makes sliding doors a perfect product for your house.