Sashless Windows


Choosing sashless windows you say “yes” too modern and luxurious solution, which allows you to enjoy stunning views along with the ability to open and close the windows for ventilation. Ideal both for offices and homes, people select these functional and stylish designs for different applications.

Earlier the sash was an evil because of the opening mechanism of the window. Thanks to the new design and new glass technology, sashless windows can provide you and your guests with panoramic views as well as offer you fresh air any time you need it. The thing is that over locking glass panels are lowered and raised at one and the same time, sliding smoothly over each other. All this allows you to get these picturesque views from the outside with better flexibility than a fixed pane of glass.

Among the main benefits of sashless windows there are: modern design, easy sliding panes, unobstructed views, and full protection from the elements, both vertical and horizontal opening options.